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First Time Hog Hunter drops Trophy Boar!

I have been a hunter all my life and have had the privilege to hunt everything from trophy elk in Colorado to Bear in Wisconsin but never been on a wild hog hunt before. We flew in from out of state and came to Kent Outdoors on a friend’s recommendation, and when we showed up… View Article


Sun Setting on Good Spring Turkey Campaign

As has been chronicled in this space, thanks to a health hiccup, this has been a spring of vicarious turkey hunting for yours truly. Like last weekend when J.J. Kent, the Pottsboro outfitter who has been out in the turkey woods a lot this season, sent me a text to share some good end of… View Article


Kent Outdoors Introduces Deer Hunting

Kent Outdoors is proud to introduce Deer hunting into the list of hunts offered! We have been fortunate enough to acquire some of the Best deer hunting land in North Texas if not the entire state of TEXAS!


Hunting the Eye of a Blue-Winged Storm

In close to two decades of chasing blue-winged teal across the Red River Valley during the month of September, my success has been…well, it has been modest at best. Each season has produced one or two teal here. And every so often, two or three teal there. But never a four-bird limit of blue-winged teal.


Like Weather, Turkey Season Is Running Hot And Cold

Like weather, turkey season is running hot and cold… J.J. Kent is finding while guiding clients in Grayson and points west, southwest, and northwest of here. Some days, he’s had great luck like the hunting he found on opening day.


Turkey Season Good For Some, A Waiting Game For Others

Living in Grayson County in early April can be difficult plight for a died-in-the-wool spring turkey hunter. I happen to be on of those hunters suffering at the moment. Why the difficulty? Because many of my friends are already in the woods chasing longbeards in other parts of Texas that are open to hunting. All… View Article


A Symphony Of Ducks to End A Lengthy Dry Spell

Last Saturday, the plan in my neck of the woods was to go duck hunting. Because that is the plan every year on the first Saturday of the second split of the North Texas duck season. Why? Because in the fall, there are two things that yours truly enjoys immensely, duck hunting and deer hunting…. View Article

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