Tanner Dube


Tanner grew up with the love of sports and the outdoors. Baseball was his passion and still is, a pitcher by trade he loves the smell of a leather glove, the feel of a new ball and throwing a breaking ball that will fool the most veteran of all batters!

You see at the age of 5 Tanner was introduced to the Outdoors by his father along with his grandfather (Grandpa). He enjoyed heading to small ponds with Dad and going after largemouth bass. Grandpa loved to take Tanner and walk the creek beds and valleys of North Texas in search of squirrels and rabbits. Tanners love for the outdoors has grown over the years.

When Tanner was able to start shooting a rifle he began deer hunting. Grandpa taught him the life lessons of sportsmanship and being a conservationist; respecting wildlife and working hard to put forth the effort to where you can be successful. Tanner at the age of 13 went waterfowl hunting for the first time. The sights and sounds from that morning still remain in his mind. Ever since then Tanner has made it his mission to travel throughout Texas hunting both private and public lands. Over the past decade Tanner’s knowledge for waterfowl has grown; not only learning how to properly call and decoy weary birds, but understanding their habitat, movement and migration.

Tanner is a very simple man, believing in God, Family and friends. Each morning he wakes up with a smile and always points out how amazing it is to experience God’s beautiful creation all around.

We at Kent Outdoors are very fortunate to have Tanner on the team. Tanner is no stranger to work and doesn’t mind going the extra mile to do what it takes to be successful. From fooling a Batter to a flock of weary mallards, Tanner will get creative to figure out ways to make things happen. Rest assured if Tanner shows up to take your group out you will be in good hands!

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