J.J. Kent


Duck hunting is a way of life for J.J. Early mornings, a brisk North breeze is what he looks forward to. J.J. is the Regional Pro Staff Manager for Mossy Oak for Texas. He is also on the Pro Staff of these companies as well: Zink Calls, Avian X, Hevi Shot, Patternmaster, MotorGuide, DT Systems, Columbia Sportswear, Covert Scouting Cameras, and K2 Coolers.

J.J. has been a Ducks Unlimited committee member of: Texas Tech University, Allen, Frisco, and Texoma Chapters. He has been an avid member of Ducks Unlimited since the Mid 1980’s and continues to support them! He has also been the Co-Chairman of the Texoma Chapter of Delta Waterfowl 2005-2006, and The Lone Star Chapter of Delta Waterfowl Kids day calling instructor 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

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