Wild Hog Hunting

FREE RANGE HOGS, this is NOT a kill pen situation. Hunt from ground blinds, tripods, ladder stands and tower Blinds.


North Texas and Southern Oklahoma is getting run over with a population of WILD pigs, and we need to keep them in check! Keep in mind that you are hunting FREE RANGE hogs. This is NOT a kill pen situation, and that means that you will most likely NOT shoot a truckload of them.

Predators, like coyote and bobcat, may also be taken at no extra charge. You can also shoot any and all raccoons, opossum, and skunks that you see.

Hunts are conducted from blinds that consist of: Ground blinds, Tripods, Ladder stands and Tower Blinds. We offer field care of hogs taken (gutting). Complete skinning, quartering and placement into your ice chest on your ice for transport is $50 per hog. (It takes One hour per pig to quarter)

If you don’t want the meat, hogs may be donated to local, needy families, and we’ll take care of that for you, but there is a $50 per hog fee for processing. All hogs shot must be taken with you, processed or donated as described above. We will NOT purposely leave hogs lay in the field.

We hunt the late afternoon into the evening, as this has produced our best results. Typical time frame of Hunt is from 6 pm til 12:00 midnight.
* In Oklahoma we hunt during the day, as we do not hunt after dark due to State laws. Please contact Kent Outdoors for Oklahoma Hog hunting rates *

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