Hog Dogging


North Texas and Southern Oklahoma is covered with a large population of WILD pigs! Because pigs are a nomadic animal and are constantly on the move we have figured out a way to keep up with them! This is by chasing them with professionally trained dogs and ATV’s and UTV’s. If you are looking for an extremely exciting way to hunt, this is it! Casey Hoff and his crew have made this into their secondary profession!

Hunts will either take place in the morning around 7 am or in the evenings around 5 pm. You will meet up with the guides they will then get you seated in the Polaris Rangers and take off for the fields. Upon arriving at the property the guides will release the bay dogs which will head out looking for pigs. Once they locate the pigs, typically the pigs will make a run for it, and eventually the dogs will stop a pig or a group of pigs. At that point the guides will drive you up as close as possible and then release the catch dogs. These catch dogs will run in and hold down the pig. At that point the guides will instruct you to go in and either tie up or stick the pig with a knife.

After the hunt we offer field care of hogs taken (gutting). Complete skinning, quartering and placement into your ice chest on your ice for transport is $50 per hog. (It takes One hour per pig to quarter)

If you don’t want the meat, hogs may be donated to local, needy families, and we’ll take care of that for you, but there is a $50 per hog fee for processing. All hogs must be taken with you, processed or donated as described above. We will NOT purposely leave hogs lay in the field.

Hog Dog Hunt

$225/person Minimum of 4 hunters

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