Goose Hunt

These are morning hunts over historically productive pieces of water or flooded fields.


We offer duck and goose hunts on top notch private land managed for duck and goose hunting. These are all morning hunts. We scout an incredible amount of time to do everything possible to make your trip to hunt with us worth your time and money.

We target mallards for your duck hunt, but will also take pintail, widgeon, teal, and gadwall. On the goose hunts we primarily see Canada Geese. Kent Outdoors has private land in Texas and Oklahoma. This allows us to be where the birds are. Although it sounds like a great distance apart most private land we hunt is within 30-45 minutes of our Ranch house. This allows us to stay on the birds.

Our guides are all experienced hunters. Our guides are also Professional duck and goose callers, which have won and placed in the top callers in the state of Texas..

Our guides being on several different Pro Staff’s you will use the best equipment. I guarantee we will do everything possible to put you in position to have a fantastic hunt.

You can be guaranteed that you will be hunting the best locations available. We typically will let birds rest several days (up to a week) before we hunt any certain spot. This is due to having several locations in two states to hunt.

All hunts are morning hunts which includes a guide, decoys, and a great location. We have two options for a guided hunt, one with lodging provided and one without.

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