Duck Hunting 101

We offer duck and goose hunts on top notch private land managed for duck and goose hunting.

Duck Hunting 101

Kent Outdoors is proud to present a unique opportunity to the “NEWBIE” Waterfowler (or avid hunter as well). J.J. Kent will personally take you out to the blind early and through the course of the day you will be taught several key ingredients to help you master the art of calling, decoying and getting birds to commit to your decoy spread.

Not only will you be shown the “how to’s” J.J. will give you a workbook that he has drawn up to help you in your pursuit of chasing ducks and geese.

A list of the items that will be covered is:

  • Blind Placement
  • Decoy placement
  • Decoy Riggin
  • Decoys to use
  • Duck Calling
  • Goose Calling
  • Shotgun shooting / (when to shoot)
  • Duck ID / Goose ID
  • Clothing / Waders (what to use, and why)
  • And most importantly “Scouting”

Hunts will start roughly an hour before shooting time, to allow time to start teaching you “what is going on”. Then depending on how the hunt goes depends on the finish time, but most of these hunts will end roughly around 10:00 am so that the rest of the instruction can be completed. If time permits there is a few restaurants that are close that we will typically stop by and eat to finish the morning and go over the booklet, and answer any questions that might not have been answered.

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