How To Get Started Hunting in Texas

  1. Enroll In A Hunter Education Course: Hunter Education is mandatory for anyone born on or after September 2, 1971. Courses are offered all over the state and fill up quickly as the hunting seasons near in the fall.
  2. Learn Texas Game Laws And Regulations: Become familiar with statewide Hunting Regulations and be sure to look up the county where you will be hunting for any special regulations that apply. Pick up an Outdoor Annual, where hunting licenses are sold.
  3. Purchase A Hunting License: You will need a hunting license to legally hunt in Texas and depending on what you hunt, you may need stamp endorsements. The best deal is the Super Combo. Texas hunting and fishing licenses are sold by more than 1,600 agents throughout the state or purchase online.
  4. Get Your Equipment Ready And Practice: Match the firearm to the game you wish to hunt. Sporting goods stores that specialize in hunting and firearms are an excellent place to see what is available. Become an accurate shooter before attempting to hunt. You should maintain and develop your shooting skills throughout the year. There are many rifle ranges and clay target ranges (skeet, trap and sporting clays) around the state.
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