J.J. KentOwner/Guide

Duck hunting is a way of life for J.J. Early mornings, a brisk North breeze is what he looks forward to. J.J. is the Regional Pro Staff Manager for Mossy Oak for Texas. He is also on the Pro Staff of these companies as well: Zink Calls, Avian X, Hevi Shot, Patternmaster, MotorGuide, DT Systems,… View Article


Dakota StowersWaterfowl/Hog Hunting Guide

Born along the Red River of North Texas, Dakota has been raised with the passion of hunting. From the flooded wheatfields to running lake Texoma and the Red River he has sharpened his skills at the variety of different types of waterfowling that can be achieved in the Red River Valley. As a former Denison… View Article


Chris WilsonWhitetail Deer Hunts / Waterfowl Guide

Raised on the northern shore of the Red River in Southeastern Bryan County, Chris is your all american farmer that has worked for what he has. Hard work, dedication and long hours have molded him into what he is today. His father has been a strong influence on his work ethic, and his character. Chris… View Article


Zane FudgeWaterfowl field expert and Halo Prostaffer

At the young age of 4 years old Zane started tagging along with his dad into the hunting woods. Born and raised in the piney woods of East Texas has offered Zane the ability to learn and grow as an outdoorsman. Yet still being in school Zane has crafted his knowledge of hunting into an… View Article


Tanner DubeWaterfowl field expert

Tanner grew up with the love of sports and the outdoors. Baseball was his passion and still is, a pitcher by trade he loves the smell of a leather glove, the feel of a new ball and throwing a breaking ball that will fool the most veteran of all batters! You see at the age… View Article


Grant GardnerWaterfowl guide Hog, Hunting Guide

From the hollers of Tennessee comes Grant Gardner a Christian man raised with outdoor heritage, tradition and experience, afforded to him by a childhood in the woods and waters. Being the nephew of Buck Gardner taught him as a young man on how to master the art of calling; not only waterfowl but Turkeys as… View Article


Casey HoffHog Dogging and Varmint Hunts

Casey was raised in the Dairy Farming community of Windthorst, TX. Cattle, Farming and Rodeos are the staple in this small town. In this vast open country of mesquites, cactus and rocks on any given day you might find Casey riding his horse gathering cattle or even at a rodeo. When you get past the… View Article

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