Grant Gardner


From the hollers of Tennessee comes Grant Gardner a Christian man raised with outdoor heritage, tradition and experience, afforded to him by a childhood in the woods and waters. Being the nephew of Buck Gardner taught him as a young man on how to master the art of calling; not only waterfowl but Turkeys as well. Grant’s childhood includes Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas which allowed him to have many unique opportunities to experience different environments to where he could learn about the outdoors. Grant has been very fortunate to also to share and be mentored by his grandfather, uncles and other experienced outdoorsmen; sharpening his skills and honing his craft. Grant holds a passion and understanding of the outdoors, he relishes every aspect of the hunt, from prepping gear and cleaning guns, to the hours investing in scouting, filling feeders and building blinds. He recognizes and understands that the harvesting of an animal is only possible through hard work and dedication. Grant looks forward to putting his enthusiasm for hunting and knowledge about the outdoors to work for YOU, providing the experience of a lifetime!

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