First Time Hog Hunter drops Trophy Boar!


I have been a hunter all my life and have had the privilege to hunt everything from trophy elk in Colorado to Bear in Wisconsin but never been on a wild hog hunt before. We flew in from out of state and came to Kent Outdoors on a friend’s recommendation, and when we showed up they were friendly and professional from the start. The guys at Kent Outdoors took the time to help me sight in a new rifle scope before the hunt and J.J. even let me use his personal 30-06 until I was sure my rifle was 100 percent dialed in. After we had time to dial in our weapons after a long flight they took the time to create a personalized hunting plan based on our means of hunting and skill level and also go over the shots to take and how to hunt wild hogs.

I was hunting with a 30-06 and was set up overlooking a wheat field. Just as the sun was starting to set I heard the snorts and rustle of pigs in the woods behind me. I was expecting several hogs to come out of the woods into the wheat field I was over looking but to my surprise around 100 pigs started to flood out of the woods into the field. Hogs of every size and color came out from little football size piglets to larger sows. Several times I was tempted to take a shot on some of the larger pigs as they came out but following the advice of the guys at Kent Outdoors I waited for them to all come out.  The very last pig to come out of the woods was the largest of them all and following the skilled advice I’d received before the hunt began; I took a shot dropping him in his place!  As instructed I called my guide and he was right out to help me.

My guide was just as excited as I was to see the large boar and took some extremely good pictures on site.  We then loaded the Boar into the truck and headed to the cleaning station to process it.  After it was hung the weight was 280 Lbs with large cutters. My guide took more professional pictures and helped me to cape it out for a mount. The guys at Kent Outdoors showed me the fastest way to skin and clean the pig.

The second night was just as successful as I was strategically placed on another location overlooking a different wheat field. I was amazed at how many pigs were running around in the field!  This was a rather large field and most of the hogs were too far for me to make a comfortable shot.  But it didn’t take long before one came close enough for a shot.  This time I dropped a 175 Lbs boar.  Just like the night before I called my guide and he was right there to get me.  He was again just as excited for me!

I enjoy hunting as much or more than having success, and was at first worried that this might be a penned hunting situation where the pigs are all penned up and once the feeder goes off they all line up for a meal, but this is far from the case! Let me tell you these are wild hogs.  Most of them came out of a wildlife refuge into these fields at dusk. I couldn’t have been happier with JJ and Kent Outdoors. The whole experience was awesome and we plan to go back as soon as we can. Kent Outdoors is an excellent guide service that knows the land and animals and you can tell they love what they do!

If you are thinking about going hunting for: hogs/waterfowl/Turkeys you need to go with Kent Outdoors!

Justin Kulbacki

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