Dakota Stowers


Born along the Red River of North Texas, Dakota has been raised with the passion of hunting. From the flooded wheatfields to running lake Texoma and the Red River he has sharpened his skills at the variety of different types of waterfowling that can be achieved in the Red River Valley. As a former Denison Yellow jacket baseball player he has learned that success is built upon hard work and dedication. He attributes these characteristics to his Dad and his Grandfather. Dakota along with waterfowling loves the woods and on his days off you will probably find him snuggled up in a tree looking for that Boone and Crockett buck to come into sight. His knowledge and expertise has landed him on several pro staffs including LTD Outdoors and Bucks and Beards scents, to name a couple. We are very fortunate to have Dakota as one of our guides. He works very hard to put customers on a GREAT hunt and isn’t worried about going the extra mile to do so!

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