Casey Hoff


Casey was raised in the Dairy Farming community of Windthorst, TX. Cattle, Farming and Rodeos are the staple in this small town. In this vast open country of mesquites, cactus and rocks on any given day you might find Casey riding his horse gathering cattle or even at a rodeo. When you get past the dust and spurs you also might find him running behind a pack of bay dogs trying to stop a good sized Boar hog! Growing up Casey cultivated a love for hunting inspired by his Dad and Uncle. For over a decade now he has been running hog dogs. When he started out he ran walker hounds with his Dad and Uncle spending many long nights in the woods, this is where he grew his knowledge of being a great houndsman and dog handler. Today Casey now has 8 dogs of his own and growing. Some of these breeds include greyhounds, blackmouth curs, border collies and pit bulls. Part of the reason for Casey having such high success with his dogs hunting is that Casey and his dad breed and raise every dog they hunt. We are very fortunate to have Casey and his dogs on our Team and know that they will get the job done when it comes to finding and catching a hog for you!

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